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This is most current news about stuff at my school and in my niegborhood.

This weeks top story.

Internet litterers at large

Is internet littering becoming a real internet problem?

There've been multiple siteings of internet litters. These litterers take advantage of free iinternet programs such as angelfire. Then ,for there own amusement, they creat a site and then after there no longer board, they abandon there site.

There are as many as 10,000 internet users internet littering. If u have an account on a free internet server and u dont do anything with it..THEN YOUR AN INTERNET LITTERER. So, save our internet, dont litter.

Origonal Dragoball Storys

This weeks origonal story
by: Martin Rucker

One day, Vegeta and android 17 discovered a new type of dragoball. There was only one with four stars. They decided to wish for Cell Freeza and Raditz to return to earth. In there finnal attempt to destroy Goku.

Here was the plan, cell was going to switch bodies with Trunks, Then he would corner Goku form the inside. Then the rest of them would go for the rest.
The next day....
Cell fly's silently into there houseto fuse with Trunks. He starts the fusion, Its done.The next day...

"AAAAAAAAAAAA"celunks blows up the house. SSj4 Goku Gohan and Goten burst out. "Trunks!" Goku yelled. "hahaha" cell laughed uncontrollably. "You no longer have a chance." Cell took out the sword and flew up as if to get Goku but instead a huge power balst came out from the sword and....