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Interact Pictures
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Gohan basic info:

Type:Eventual ssj

First Time SSJ: During end of android saga during training with Goku

Family Relation:

Mother=ChiChi Father=Goku Brother=Goten Son=(unknown)

Involved in Battle: Freeza Saga-Android Saga-Cell Game-(every saga after)

Goku basic info:

Type:First ssj

First Time SSJ: During Freeza Saga defeating Freeza

Family Relation:

Sons=Gohan-Goten Wife=ChiChi Brother=Raditz

,p> Involved in Battle:All-of-Them(This is his show....)

Trunks basic info

Type:ssj First Time SSJ:(unknown)

Family Relation:

Mother=Bulma Father=Vageta Son=(unknown)

Involved in Battle:Android Saga-Cell Game-(most saga's after that)